Category: Canvas

  • Who’s the baddest?

    Who’s the baddest?

    This is a new painting I worked on for the Fresh Collective show. It is part of my “villains” series.

  • The Beautiful Decay

    The Beautiful Decay

    This is one of the new paintings I did for the recent Fresh Collective. Pics from the event and more new work to come.

  • Sneak peak

    Sneak peak

    Here’s a preview of a new piece I’m working on for the Fresh Collective show April 2nd. Details to come!

  • Elizabeth & Me, Part 1

    Elizabeth & Me, Part 1

    The first in a series of tribute paintings to my hometown of Elizabeth, NJ.

  • Experiment #3

    Experiment #3

    We’re gettin’ there…

  • Experiment #2

    Experiment #2
  • Experiment #1

    Experiment #1

    Just something I have been wanting to try and needed to get out of my system. I like the detail, but am not sure about the whole piece just yet. Gotta keep playing with this approach.