Category: Projects

  • Roleplay Lounge

    Roleplay Lounge

    Worked on this cool project for Roleplay Lounge in Atlantic City. For all the swingers out there, “swing” on by and check out the blacklight room done by Mimik and myself….check it out!

  • Room with a view…

    Room with a view…

    Just wrapped up another mural at the offices of Pulsepoint in NYC. The project was to paint the room to feel like a rooftop lounge. Swanky lounge chairs and finished floors to come, but here is our part of the project… And here is a fisheye view so you can […]

  • Home Work…

    Home Work…

    Just another bedroom wall I worked on recently in Marlboro, NJ. Check it out! UPDATE It’s been about two years since I painted the bedroom and a new client recently asked for a similar design to the one shown above. Just thought that was funny. Here is the new version […]

  • Getting’ my mitzvah on!

    Getting’ my mitzvah on!

    I was recently commissioned to create a custom graffiti mural for a bar mitzvah event in Long Island. Had a good time banging this one out even though building a 30-foot self-standing wall took a little more planning than I expected. Big thanks to Mimik for helping me out with […]

  • Love Me

    Love Me

    Here’s a pic of a recent commission project I did for someone’s bedroom. Check it out… While I was at it, I figured I would just smash up their kitchen wall a bit too…

  • New custom train…

    New custom train…

    Just wrapped up a commission project for Enzo, a Deadmau5 and EDM fan. Check it out…   Hit me up if you are interested in any custom graffiti or fine art work. I am available for small and large projects at any time painting anything like customer toys and trains, […]

  • New Kid’s Room

    New Kid’s Room

    Fun little project I did in Ramsey, NJ for a teen’s bedroom…

  • Pulsepoint, NYC

    Pulsepoint, NYC

    I went back to paint another mural at the ultra-cool offices of Pulsepoint in Lower Manhattan. Had some fun with this one, incorporating a bunch of imagery related to their office and values. Check it out…   Big shoutout to my partner in crime, Mimik, for all his help! Also, […]

  • Elan Wonder x Jason Middlebrook

    Elan Wonder x Jason Middlebrook

    I recently collaborated with Jason Middlebrook on his new project for Site Santa Fe. The project is titled Your General Store. Jason Middlebrook is converting an old shipping container into a replica of  a ninteenth-century general store. Your General Store will feature hand made or salvaged objects available only through barter. Your General […]

  • Stuck in the 80s!

    Stuck in the 80s!

    Mimik and I got stuck in the 80s! Check it out…

  • Getting wild at Urban Jungle!

    Getting wild at Urban Jungle!

    Our friends at Urban Jungle invited us back for some new work recently. They are opening up a crossfit gym at their location, so Mimik and I rocked out their gate and dropped some fire in their staircase. Check it out…

  • Crossfit Peekskill

    Crossfit Peekskill

    Recently took a little road trip up the Hudson to get down at Crossfit Peekskill. Here’s what went down…