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  • Elan @ Converge

    Elan @ Converge

    Check out a few flicks of the new piece at Converge in Union, NJ…

  • Converge NJ x Elan

    Converge NJ x Elan

    Recently worked on a project for Converge, a coworking space in Union, NJ. Special thanks to Steve and Roger for putting it together. Check out the photo and video below!

  • Steve’s Club Uncut

    Steve’s Club Uncut

    Scene 1: Long day of painting produces two pretty good looking murals by Cesar 5in5o and ElanWonder. Scene 2: Panels go flying off roof of car onto heavy traffic all over the Garden State Parkway. Scene 3: The sad truth, and a lesson learned. Scene 4: The video. Fresh Collective […]

  • Urban Galleries

    Urban Galleries

    This photo of a wall in Elizabeth, NJ painted by myself, Chek and Cere is what inspired my idea for The Graffiti Spaces Project many years later. This shot was probably taken around 97 or 98. If you haven’t seen the Graffiti Spaces site, check it out here.

  • Fresh Collective x Steve’s Club

    Fresh Collective x Steve’s Club from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • Welcome to the jungle…

    Welcome to the jungle…

    A new piece I dropped at Urban Jungle in Queens. You can check out their site here.

  • Urban Jungle

    Urban Jungle

    Coming soon…

  • Do-It-All’s “Surrender” Video

    Check out The Fresh Collective gettin busy in Do-It-All’s new video “Surrender”. Cesar 5in5o, Mimik and myself did some bodypainting and set design for the shoot.  A special shout out to Eion at for hooking it all up. Check out the video below.

  • Notebook, Study #7

    Notebook, Study #7
  • Graffiti Spaces

    Graffiti Spaces

    I’m proud to present a new project and site I have been working on for quite some time. I present Graffiti Spaces. I’ve always been intrigued by the types of places I would find myself painting in when I first started writing. These places were sometimes desolate and unpolished, and […]

  • Sneak peek…

    Sneak peek…