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  • “Walls” sketchbook

    “Walls” sketchbook

    Chek and I got down on this cool sketchbook where all the pages are photos of different walls.

  • Know your roots!

    Know your roots!

    Just picked up a new book “The History of American Graffiti“. A shout out goes to all the writers who repped Jersey in the book, with an extra special shout out to Xide and the CTA crew!

  • Uh Oh!

    Uh Oh!

    I was catching a train to NY the other day and spotted this sticker that caught my eye. Then I looked a little closer and saw my name. Haha! Shout out to the crew over at!

  • MadC 700 Wall

    This chick is crazy. Insane wall… 700 Wall – Finale Update from Molotow on Vimeo.

  • The Original Fat Cap Chair

  • Newark…stand up!

    Newark…stand up!

    I’m not from Newark, but if I was, this billboard might be getting throwie. Just sayin…

  • Red Hook Grain Terminal

    Red Hook Grain Terminal

    I was out on a photo shoot in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and came across this building. I couldn’t get close enough, but could see some graf on it from across the water. The building has so much character to it…would love to explore it a bit. I will […]

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  • Sway

  • Patrick Hughes

    This guy is simply amazing…

  • Early inspiration…

    Early inspiration…

    I was only 7 years old when this album came out, but the cover was definitely one of the first things that got me interested in graffiti…