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  • All City

    Just wanted to give props where they are due. The first time I ever really understood the concept of going “all city”, I was about 13 or 14 years old and years away from starting my own graf career. I had always noticed one particular scrawl all around my home […]

  • Molotow x MadC

    Everything about this is pretty fresh! MadC vs Molotow™ Premium Transparent from Molotow on Vimeo.

  • WonderRadio: Malcolm McLaren

    Rest in peace…

  • O.G.M. Photoshoot

    O.G.M. Photoshoot

    Shout out to Jean, O.G.M. and everyone at THEWORLDISUS for sending me pics of a recent shoot they did at the Jersey Lanes wall in Linden, NJ. Nice pics…

  • Fresh Paint NYC

    Fresh Paint NYC

    Be sure to get this new book, Fresh Paint NYC. Guaranteed to be fresh… Over 400 eye-popping photos provide a decade-long tour of graffiti in New York City. Walls, trucks, and subway cars are featured with graffiti by the crews X-Men, KD, TNB, 156, RIS, AOK, TC-5, FAME CITY, COD, […]

  • Don’t listen to this guy…

    Some people will never understand how much mathematics, flow and symmetry goes into true graffiti style writing.

  • Dare TWS, Rest in peace…

    Just heard that Swiss graf legend Dare TWS passed away yesterday. His work has always been an inspiration to me from even when I was just getting started. His work is amazing and always consistent. Rest in peace to a great graffiti artist…

  • Notebook, Study #6

    Notebook, Study #6
  • 2010 Digital Calendar

    2010 Digital Calendar

    Keep your desktop fresh this year and download your 2010 Digital Calendar here.

  • Freedom Tunnels

    Freedom Tunnels

    If you know your graffiti history, you’ll have heard of the Freedom Tunnels in New York City. Recently came across these beautiful photos of those tunnels and had to share. All photos were taken by the outstanding Miru Kim. Check out her site here.

  • Just having a little fun…

    Just having a little fun…
  • Origin of “Elan”

    Every once in a while, people ask me how I came up with the name “Elan”. A few months ago, I was asked to speak at Cateret High School about graffiti art and my work. Here’s a snippet where I explain how I came up with the name. Origin of […]