ATTENTION ALL SNEAKERHEADS…go check out the newly launched site for The Comeback Kicks. For those of you who may not be familiar yet, the site specializes in selling hard to find kicks for the die-hard enthusiasts. Here is a little bio on them:

We’ve always found the search for our kicks to be an exhausting journey with the question always being, is the seller trustworthy? We’ve spent countless hours reading eBay reviews, doing our research and in the end, we’ve always ended up crossing our fingers and hoping we weren’t getting a pair of beaters, an empty box, or even worse–a pair of fakes!

Shopping for kicks is a journey full of uncertainties that doesn’t always have a happy ending. With that in mind, we decided the only way to trust what was being sold was if we sold it ourselves.

An idea, rooted in love for sneakers, that started between two friends just over a year ago, The Comeback Kicks brings you a dependable place where you can get your most sought after kicks with the confidence that you will be happy when the FedEx truck pulls up to your door.

I recently teamed up with them to create some artwork for a photoshoot. Big thanks to the Goos and JP! Check it out…


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