• Fresh Collective site launches!

    Fresh Collective site launches!

    What’s up, everybody? The long-awaited Fresh Collective site has finally launched. Tune in for the latest news, artwork, shows and all things fresh. Here is a link to the site. Also, check out our blog here.

  • Elizabeth & Me, Part 1

    Elizabeth & Me, Part 1

    The first in a series of tribute paintings to my hometown of Elizabeth, NJ.

  • The MOVEMENT Art Party

    The MOVEMENT show was a big hit last night. Thanks to Eva and Flo for putting this together and getting The Fresh Collective involved. We had some good times, good drinks and sold a few pieces. Already looking forward to the next one. Check out The MOVEMENT here.

  • The Fresh Collective, Streets 2K9

    The Fresh Collective, Streets 2K9

    The Fresh Collective, Streets 2K9 from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • THE MOVEMENT Art Party 12.12.09

    THE MOVEMENT Art Party 12.12.09
  • Someday…

  • Experiment #3

    Experiment #3

    We’re gettin’ there…

  • Work Bombing.

    Work Bombing.

    I worked at Pearl Art in NJ for about 5 years back in the day, and recently dropped by to pick up a few canvases. It hadn’t stepped inside that spot since my last day of work about 9 years ago. Anyway, as I was cruising the aisles I stopped […]

  • WonderRadio: Black Moon

  • Experiment #2

    Experiment #2
  • Random…

  • Experiment #1

    Experiment #1

    Just something I have been wanting to try and needed to get out of my system. I like the detail, but am not sure about the whole piece just yet. Gotta keep playing with this approach.