• Experiment #2

    Experiment #2
  • Random…

  • Experiment #1

    Experiment #1

    Just something I have been wanting to try and needed to get out of my system. I like the detail, but am not sure about the whole piece just yet. Gotta keep playing with this approach.

  • Elan on Twitter

    Elan on Twitter

    Just another way to stay tuned to the latest artwork…

  • WonderRadio: The Roots

  • “The Movement” video

    My boy Dre at Fresh Films put together this little video to promote “THE MOVEMENT” art party. The Fresh Collective crew will be in full effect, so be sure to check it out. The Movement from Fresh Films Productions on Vimeo.

  • Just having a little fun…

    Just having a little fun…
  • Origin of “Elan”

    Every once in a while, people ask me how I came up with the name “Elan”. A few months ago, I was asked to speak at Cateret High School about graffiti art and my work. Here’s a snippet where I explain how I came up with the name. Origin of […]

  • The Movement 12.12.09

    The Movement 12.12.09

    The Fresh Collective will be taking part in The Movement art party on December 12, 2009. Guaranteed to be a cool show. Come check it out. I worked on the flyer design for this event, and Fresh Films will have a video flyer coming soon. Stay tuned…

  • WonderRadio: Talib Kweli

  • Elan x Chek x Skee Love?

    Back in 1996, when Fresh Collective was formerly known as Liquid Soul Designs, Chek and I were asked if a music video could be shot in front of a wall we had painted. We were pretty amped about it at the time. We found out later that the video was […]

  • Os Gemeos in Soho, NYC

    Os Gemeos in Soho, NYC

    I’ve been of Os Gemeos for a while now, but I’ve never actually seen their work in person. Last weekend, I was hanging out in Soho and came across the mural they recently did. I have an even bigger respect for their stuff now after seeing all of the detail. […]