• Guido Girl gets fresh!

    The Fresh Collective was recently commissioned to do some set design for the Off-Broadway production of Guido Girl. Fellow Fresh members Chek Roka and Cesar 5in5o got down and brought the 70s back as requested. Check out the photos below. You can find out more about the show here.

  • Elan x Chek, Diagonals

    Elan x Chek, Diagonals

    New video of Chek Roka and myself at Jersey Lanes this summer. Elan x Chek, Diagonals from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • WonderRadio: Souls of Mischief

  • For the ladies…

    For the ladies…

    I bought these graffiti earings for my woman a while back. Pretty fresh products. Go check out Lobe Riders here.

  • Old School: Liquid Soul, 1996

    Old School: Liquid Soul, 1996

    This was a spot Chek and I painted on Route 1/9 in Linden, NJ.

  • Media Theory x Elan?

    A friend pointed this out to me, and I had to share it. Not sure exactly how this came to be, but it seems that some professor mentioned my site in his Media Theory class discussion. My link is under “Street Signs, Point 2d”. Check it out here. Kinda strange. […]

  • Just another sketch…

    Just another sketch…
  • WonderRadio: De La Soul

    De La Soul – Breakdawn from now8p on Vimeo.

  • Stay fresh this winter.

    Stay fresh this winter.

    Coming soon for sale…Fresh Collective winter gear. Stay tuned.

  • Nace @ Jersey Lanes

    Nace @ Jersey Lanes

    Everyone who really knows graffiti, knows who Nace was. One of the illest writers I’ve ever seen, and in Jersey…a hometown hero. I never really got to know Nace too well unfortunately. Only met him a few times, but I was able to get him to come on down to […]

  • Artislyfe.com


    Gotta show some love to my boy, Berrios…if you don’t know about artislyfe.com yet…you need to know. It’s an online artist community. Check it out here.

  • I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

    I always feel like somebody’s watching me…