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  • Art Basel Miami 2012

    Art Basel Miami 2012

    I finally got a chance to head down to Miami for Art Basel this year with my Fresh Collective bro-skis, Mimik and Chek. After seeing all the great work being down there over the past few years, I had to go check it out for myself. I actually didn’t even […]

  • The Fiesta Continues…

    The Fiesta Continues…

    Chek, Mimik and I got down this weekend with this little production. Grab some maracas and check it out…

  • Chek @ Crossfit ASC

    Chek @ Crossfit ASC

    Chek flexin’ at Crossfit ASC in Freehold …

  • The Fresh Crew

    The Fresh Crew

    Just a little something from Mimik, Chek and myself…check it out! (Click on the connector shot to see it full size.)

  • Chek drops bombs…

    Chek drops bombs…

    Chek dropped a hot one at Bulldog Bootcamp in Freehold. Check it out…

  • Chek x Bulldog Bootcamp

    Chek x Bulldog Bootcamp

    Chek doing his thing at  Bulldog Bootcamp & Nutrition in Freehold, NJ. Check it out…

  • Doomsday


    Here is a video of Mimik, Elan and Chek getting down on the Doomsday wall. Video shot by Nat Cheetah and edited by Elan Wonder.

  • Fresh Collective @ Graffiti & Ink

    Fresh Collective @ Graffiti & Ink

    Chek, Mimik and I recently got down at the Graffiti & Ink building. Shout out to Ken for having us come through. Check out the pics below…

  • Elizabeth, NJ 1994

    Elizabeth, NJ 1994

    I was going through an old box of flicks and came across this. This used to be called the “Elizabeth Wall of Fame”. Chek, Crash and I had just started the NJ crew and this was the first wall we did together. My first wall ever! I’m all the way […]

  • Doomsday…


    New work from the Fresh Collective!

  • Garden SK8 2.0

    Garden SK8 2.0

    Come check out the reopening of Garden SK8 in Pine Brook, NJ on Saturday, October 29th! The Fresh Collective will have some work in the art show as well as a freshly painted wall, along with tons of other great artists. Be there… Special shout out to Demer for hooking […]

  • Planet Dance

    Planet Dance

    Chek and I dropped a little diddy at Planet Dance in Linden, NJ…