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  • Beware of Elan!!

    Beware of Elan!!

    Just wrapped up a Halloween production with a bunch of heavy hitters. Waiting on a few people (um…Brainpaste) to finish, but here is my section of the wall. Haha! Big shoutout to everyone who came through…Meres, Rain, Demer, Zar, Easy, and Alex from @njgraffitiart. Stay tuned for connectors of the […]

  • Jersey Fresh Jam

    Jersey Fresh Jam

    I wrapped up a busy painting weekend with one of my favorite events of the year, Jersey Fresh Jam. The jam took place at Terracycle in Trenton, NJ. This is my fourth year painting at this event and it’s always a good time. Tons of dope artists and some serious […]

  • Fresh Collective x Vicious Styles

    Fresh Collective x Vicious Styles

    Finally got a chance to put together a little collabo with the Vicious Styles gang and my fellow Fresh brethren. Defintitely a good time when we hook up with these guys! Big shout out to the VS crew. In order from left to right: Elan, Demer, Mimik, Kasso, Rain and […]

  • Fresh & Friends

    Fresh & Friends

    Here’s a new video from a bunch of walls from Mimik and myself over the last few weeks including a collabo with Demer and Snow of VS Crew, a Halloween zombie wall and a Jersey Strong wall done just after Hurricane Sandy…

  • Too Fresh, Too Vicious…

    Too Fresh, Too Vicious…

    Got a chance to do a little collabo with a few of the fellas from the Vicious Styles crew this weekend. Big shout out to Demer and Snow for coming through, and Mimik as well. You can see the full size connector shot here. Check it out…

  • Rekuvor The Earth

    Rekuvor The Earth

    I got down at the Rekuvor the Earth event in Bradley Beach today with about 20 other writers on two large walls. A big shout out to Site and Muzik for setting it all up and getting me down with it. Also a shout out to all the other writers […]

  • Garden SK8 2.0

    Garden SK8 2.0

    Come check out the reopening of Garden SK8 in Pine Brook, NJ on Saturday, October 29th! The Fresh Collective will have some work in the art show as well as a freshly painted wall, along with tons of other great artists. Be there… Special shout out to Demer for hooking […]

  • Garden Sk8

    Garden Sk8

    Mimik and I had a chance to get down at Garden Sk8 in Pine Brook, NJ today. Special thanks to Demer and Todd “Bossman” Schwartz for hooking us up with a spot!

  • Jersey Fresh Jam 2011

    Jersey Fresh Jam 2011

    Chek, Mimik and I were out at the Jersey Fresh Jam yesterday. Good times all around. Shout out to Leon Rainbow, Demer and Kasso for having us out and to all the writers who burned the joint down!

  • Pieces everywhere!

    Pieces everywhere!

    This is just the first installment of a bunch of layered pieces to be done at Jersey Lanes. Chek, Mimik, Demer and I got down today…more to come!