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  • Fast & Furious

    Fast & Furious

    I only had about 30 minutes to bang this out, but at least I scratched the itch to paint…Elizabeth, NJ. Big shoutout to @njgraffitiart for the invite.

  • Yard work @ The Redeye

    Yard work @ The Redeye

    Got a chance to rock out in the back yard lounge for The Redeye in Elizabeth, NJ. Always love going back to rock something in my hometown and always have a good time with @njgraffitiart and @justpaint.strong….check it out!

  • That 80s Show!

    That 80s Show!

    Here is a throwback video from 2014 of a throwback piece with some 80’s flavor. Big shoutout to Jade for putting the video together, C-Righteous and Mimik for rockin’ the characters.

  • Home, Sweet Home…

    Home, Sweet Home…

    I love getting a chance to go back to my hometown of Elizabeth, NJ and paint something, so I was stoked to paint this traffic control box outside of the Red Eye communal living home. It’s a really cool space and they are doing some big things including making the […]

  • Stuck in the 80s!

    Stuck in the 80s!

    Mimik and I got stuck in the 80s! Check it out…

  • Another throwback…

    Another throwback…

    Found this in an old stack of flicks recently. Wish I had connectors of the whole wall, but it was Klas, Xide, Jnub and myself….

  • Graffer1.com


    I was catching a train to NY the other day and spotted this sticker that caught my eye. Then I looked a little closer and saw my name. Haha! Shout out to the crew over at Graffer1.com!

  • Urban Galleries

    Urban Galleries

    This photo of a wall in Elizabeth, NJ painted by myself, Chek and Cere is what inspired my idea for The Graffiti Spaces Project many years later. This shot was probably taken around 97 or 98. If you haven’t seen the Graffiti Spaces site, check it out here.

  • 1997

  • Elizabeth & Me, Part 1

    Elizabeth & Me, Part 1

    The first in a series of tribute paintings to my hometown of Elizabeth, NJ.