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  • Getting’ my mitzvah on!

    Getting’ my mitzvah on!

    I was recently commissioned to create a custom graffiti mural for a bar mitzvah event in Long Island. Had a good time banging this one out even though building a 30-foot self-standing wall took a little more planning than I expected. Big thanks to Mimik for helping me out with […]

  • Jersey Fresh Jam 2014

    Jersey Fresh Jam 2014

    Had a great time at Jersey Fresh Jam painting, and hanging with old friends and making some new ones. Mimik, Uhm and I rocked out one section, but everybody there killed it. As always, a big shout and thanks to Leon Rainbow, Captain Demer and Killah Kasso for the invite! […]

  • Graffiti Reality Jam

    Graffiti Reality Jam

    Here are a few pics from the Graffiti Reality Jam we went to down in Trenton. They are filming a reality show at Terracycle for the Pivot Network, and we were invited to paint alongside some other fresh writers. Check it out below. Also, here is link to pics of […]

  • Jersey Shore Aerosol Battle

    Jersey Shore Aerosol Battle

    The war at the shore went down on Sunday. Mimik and I both competed against some pretty solid competition including Dezo, Meres, Muzik, Rebel, Komar, Then One, Site, Toast, Kayle and Shue. Each writer picked a name randomly of one of the other writers in the battle. The competition was […]

  • Storm The Gates

    Storm The Gates

    The “Storm the Gates” event in Trenton went down on Sunday. About a dozen artists painted roll down gates on North Broad and East State Streets in Downtown Trenton. Big thanks to Sage Coalition for having us out. Had a good time catching up with some old friends and making […]

  • Event: Storm the Gates

    Event: Storm the Gates

    I’ll be a part of the STORM THE GATES show in Trenton in a few weeks. There is an art show on Saturday, October 5th with a great line up of artists, and then we’ll be getting down with some live painting on Sunday, October 6th. Come on through for […]

  • Farm Fest 2013

    Farm Fest 2013

    I was invited to do some live painting at Farm Fest in Vernon, NJ this past weekend. The weather stirred things up a bit, but there was still a crowd there early on and ready to have a good time. Peace, love and good vibes were definitely in the air […]

  • Farm Fest 2013

    Farm Fest 2013

    I will be painting live at Farm Fest 2013 on Friday, August 9th. The festival goes on all weekend and has a fresh line up of not only music, but artists as well. You can check them out here or at their Facebook page, but here is a little description […]

  • Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics

    Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics

    I had the pleasure of showing some work recently at an event in NYC to promote the upcoming Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics tour. Gotta give a big shout out to Yaz, Jill and the whole team at SoHo Experiential for putting on a great event. Had a chance […]

  • Visceral Stimulus

    Visceral Stimulus

    Just designed a flyer for my comrades over at the Vicious Styles crew for their upcoming show, Visceral Stimulus. Be sure to check out their new work…guaranteed to be fresh!

  • Art for the Ages

    Art for the Ages

    Mimik of the Fresh Collective was recently invited to the Brandywine Senior Living facility in Englishtown, NJ to give a presentation on graffiti as part of their annual “Art for the Ages” events. He showed up, did his thing and even got some of the folks involved proving that you’re […]

  • Elan Wonder x Ray Ban

    Elan Wonder x Ray Ban

    Here’s a short video from the Ray Ban event at the ILORI boutique last weekend. Check it out… Elan Wonder x Ray Ban from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.