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  • Burnin’ in the Burbs Graffiti Battle

    Burnin’ in the Burbs Graffiti Battle

    Here are a few shots of my piece for the “Burnin’ in the Burbs” graffiti battle in Toms River, NJ. Our theme was the four elements and we had four hours to put something together. I was able to take home 2nd place! Big shoutout to Jay Mack, Bubby’s Beanery and […]

  • Getting’ my mitzvah on!

    Getting’ my mitzvah on!

    I was recently commissioned to create a custom graffiti mural for a bar mitzvah event in Long Island. Had a good time banging this one out even though building a 30-foot self-standing wall took a little more planning than I expected. Big thanks to Mimik for helping me out with […]

  • Jersey Fresh Jam 2014

    Jersey Fresh Jam 2014

    Had a great time at Jersey Fresh Jam painting, and hanging with old friends and making some new ones. Mimik, Uhm and I rocked out one section, but everybody there killed it. As always, a big shout and thanks to Leon Rainbow, Captain Demer and Killah Kasso for the invite! […]

  • Graffiti Reality Jam

    Graffiti Reality Jam

    Here are a few pics from the Graffiti Reality Jam we went to down in Trenton. They are filming a reality show at Terracycle for the Pivot Network, and we were invited to paint alongside some other fresh writers. Check it out below. Also, here is link to pics of […]

  • Jersey Shore Aerosol Battle

    Jersey Shore Aerosol Battle

    The war at the shore went down on Sunday. Mimik and I both competed against some pretty solid competition including Dezo, Meres, Muzik, Rebel, Komar, Then One, Site, Toast, Kayle and Shue. Each writer picked a name randomly of one of the other writers in the battle. The competition was […]

  • Storm The Gates

    Storm The Gates

    The “Storm the Gates” event in Trenton went down on Sunday. About a dozen artists painted roll down gates on North Broad and East State Streets in Downtown Trenton. Big thanks to Sage Coalition for having us out. Had a good time catching up with some old friends and making […]

  • Event: Storm the Gates

    Event: Storm the Gates

    I’ll be a part of the STORM THE GATES show in Trenton in a few weeks. There is an art show on Saturday, October 5th with a great line up of artists, and then we’ll be getting down with some live painting on Sunday, October 6th. Come on through for […]

  • Farm Fest 2013

    Farm Fest 2013

    I was invited to do some live painting at Farm Fest in Vernon, NJ this past weekend. The weather stirred things up a bit, but there was still a crowd there early on and ready to have a good time. Peace, love and good vibes were definitely in the air […]

  • Farm Fest 2013

    Farm Fest 2013

    I will be painting live at Farm Fest 2013 on Friday, August 9th. The festival goes on all weekend and has a fresh line up of not only music, but artists as well. You can check them out here or at their Facebook page, but here is a little description […]

  • Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics

    Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics

    I had the pleasure of showing some work recently at an event in NYC to promote the upcoming Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics tour. Gotta give a big shout out to Yaz, Jill and the whole team at SoHo Experiential for putting on a great event. Had a chance […]

  • Visceral Stimulus

    Visceral Stimulus

    Just designed a flyer for my comrades over at the Vicious Styles crew for their upcoming show, Visceral Stimulus. Be sure to check out their new work…guaranteed to be fresh!

  • Art for the Ages

    Art for the Ages

    Mimik of the Fresh Collective was recently invited to the Brandywine Senior Living facility in Englishtown, NJ to give a presentation on graffiti as part of their annual “Art for the Ages” events. He showed up, did his thing and even got some of the folks involved proving that you’re […]