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  • Mr. Wonder

    Mr. Wonder

    Here’s a new one with characters by Mimik…check it out.

  • Elan Wonder x Jason Middlebrook

    Elan Wonder x Jason Middlebrook

    I recently collaborated with Jason Middlebrook on his new project for Site Santa Fe. The project is titled Your General Store. Jason Middlebrook is converting an old shipping container into a replica of  a ninteenth-century general store. Your General Store will feature hand made or salvaged objects available only through barter. Your General […]

  • Stuck in the 80s!

    Stuck in the 80s!

    Mimik and I got stuck in the 80s! Check it out…

  • Graffiti Reality Jam

    Graffiti Reality Jam

    Here are a few pics from the Graffiti Reality Jam we went to down in Trenton. They are filming a reality show at Terracycle for the Pivot Network, and we were invited to paint alongside some other fresh writers. Check it out below. Also, here is link to pics of […]

  • Hello Spring!

    Hello Spring!

    It’s been a long, cold winter in Jersey this year, so I had to get out on the first good weekend of spring. Painting season is in full effect! Here’s a new one…

  • Getting wild at Urban Jungle!

    Getting wild at Urban Jungle!

    Our friends at Urban Jungle invited us back for some new work recently. They are opening up a crossfit gym at their location, so Mimik and I rocked out their gate and dropped some fire in their staircase. Check it out…

  • Heeeyy yoouuu guuyyysss!

    Heeeyy yoouuu guuyyysss!

    Dropped a little something over the weekend and got inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies…check it!

  • Jump Street Skate Park

    Jump Street Skate Park

    Got down on a new wall with my Fresh Collective brothers, Chek and Mimik. Chek and I dropped pieces and Mimik came through with the characters. A big thanks to the folks at Jump Street Skate Park in Tom’s River for having us out. Check it out…

  • Art Basel 2013

    Art Basel 2013

    Mimik and I got a chance to head down to Miami for Art Basel again this year. This was our second year down there and we had a great time painting, hanging with old friends, making some new ones and just enjoying everything Art Basel has to offer. Just like […]

  • Fresh gets naughty…

    Fresh gets naughty…

    Chek and I have been up to no good this year, and are officially on the naughty list. Here’s a little collabo we dropped today…

  • Another quick one…

    Another quick one…

    Dropped this little bad boy in about an hour and half. Kinda reminded me of the mission days back in the day. Check it out…

  • Fresh for Fall…

    Fresh for Fall…

    The crew and I recently dropped a few new pieces as the colder weather starts to roll in. Already looking forward to Art Basel in Miami! In the meantime, some new flavor from me and the boys…   Mimik for his fallen brethren… Tem, Eki, Oils, Hump and Nace, RIP.  […]