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  • Agave Tex Mex Cantina

    Agave Tex Mex Cantina

    I recently had an opportunity to do a bunch of mural work for a new Mexican restaurant in Bridgwater, NJ called Agave Tex Mex Cantina. Mimik and myself worked in several areas including the exterior of the building, the dining and bar areas and even restroom signs. Now go get […]

  • Backyard Boogie

    Backyard Boogie

    It’s spring again finally after a long winter. It’s crazy that it’s May and this is my first piece of the year. Anyway, here is a little something to kick off the season…

  • Pulsepoint, NYC

    Pulsepoint, NYC

    We just wrapped up another fun wall at the offices of Pulsepoint in New York City. This is our fourth mural at their corporate headquarters! Thanks (as always) to Mya for hooking it all up! Check it out…    

  • “E”


    Just some new canvas work I did recently as part of a video project a friend is working on. Video coming soon…  

  • Roleplay Lounge

    Roleplay Lounge

    Worked on this cool project for Roleplay Lounge in Atlantic City. For all the swingers out there, “swing” on by and check out the blacklight room done by Mimik and myself….check it out!

  • Livin’ XXL…

    Livin’ XXL…

    Just wrapped up a big ol’ roller piece at Jersey Lanes. It’s just over 50 feet wide! Rocked out the whole building with Chek and Mimik…shout out to my Fresh Collective brothas! Here’s the whole wall…  

  • New Kid’s Room

    New Kid’s Room

    Fun little project I did in Ramsey, NJ for a teen’s bedroom…

  • Pulsepoint, NYC

    Pulsepoint, NYC

    I went back to paint another mural at the ultra-cool offices of Pulsepoint in Lower Manhattan. Had some fun with this one, incorporating a bunch of imagery related to their office and values. Check it out…   Big shoutout to my partner in crime, Mimik, for all his help! Also, […]

  • Golden Boy…

    Golden Boy…

    Snuck in a little Labor Day Weekend paint session. Lovin’ that yellow outline…

  • Elan Wonder x Jason Middlebrook

    Elan Wonder x Jason Middlebrook

    I recently collaborated with Jason Middlebrook on his new project for Site Santa Fe. The project is titled Your General Store. Jason Middlebrook is converting an old shipping container into a replica of  a ninteenth-century general store. Your General Store will feature hand made or salvaged objects available only through barter. Your General […]

  • Graffiti Reality Jam

    Graffiti Reality Jam

    Here are a few pics from the Graffiti Reality Jam we went to down in Trenton. They are filming a reality show at Terracycle for the Pivot Network, and we were invited to paint alongside some other fresh writers. Check it out below. Also, here is link to pics of […]

  • Crossfit Jersey City

    Crossfit Jersey City

    Fresh Collective partners Chek and Mimik rocked a wall at Crossfit Jersey City recently. Check it out…