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  • The Walkin’ Fresh

    The Walkin’ Fresh

    I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead for about two weeks. Haha. I caught on pretty late but have since watched every episode since then. So when Halloween season rolled around, I had to break out the zombies. Check it out… On another note, this is a memorial piece […]

  • The Fresh Crew

    The Fresh Crew

    Just a little something from Mimik, Chek and myself…check it out! (Click on the connector shot to see it full size.)

  • And another one…

    And another one…

    Dropped a new piece this morning. Stay tuned for the rest of the wall…

  • Too Fresh, Too Vicious…

    Too Fresh, Too Vicious…

    Got a chance to do a little collabo with a few of the fellas from the Vicious Styles crew this weekend. Big shout out to Demer and Snow for coming through, and Mimik as well. You can see the full size connector shot here. Check it out…

  • Did I do that?!?

    Did I do that?!?

    Dropped a little something this weekend. Nerds rule…

  • Heaven & Hell

    Heaven & Hell

    Just a little something Mimik and I were working on. Also, I dropped a quickie somewhere along the line…

  • Here today, gone…today!

    Here today, gone…today!

    Dropped a real quick piece under two hours while waiting for Mimik to roll out the wall at Jersey Lanes… On another note, I’ve always been a fan of the “Revamp Project“, so I thought it would be cool to revisit an old outline from back in the day and […]

  • Doomsday


    Here is a video of Mimik, Elan and Chek getting down on the Doomsday wall. Video shot by Nat Cheetah and edited by Elan Wonder.

  • Mimik x Elan

    Mimik x Elan

    Mimik snapped out of his winter funk and dropped a little something last week. He did the whole thing including the shark robot and “Elan” piece…check it!

  • Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?

    Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?

    I think you know…

  • Elan goes big…50 foot blockbuster!

    Elan goes big…50 foot blockbuster!

    Wanted to start things off big this year, so I rocked a blockbuster while it was halfway warm out today. This is easily the biggest piece I’ve ever done. I’d say about 50 feet wide and 8 feet tall. Check it out…  

  • One more…

    One more…

    I wasn’t really feeling the flow of my piece yesterday, so I decided to bang out one more before the year is out. Kept it simple but like the flow better. In any case, Mimik left some space on some panels he was working on, so I filled it up […]