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  • Mini reunion @ Jersey Lanes

    Mini reunion @ Jersey Lanes

    Had a chance to get down with some dudes who I’ve known for over 20 years and have a ton of respect for, as well as a few new friends….big shout out to all these fellas for the good time. Check out this line up…June, Xide, BrainPaste, Kemos, Mimik and […]

  • Gold Rush!

    Gold Rush!

    Here’s some new work with my Fresh Collective brothers. Check out the Gold Rush with Mimik and Brainpaste… Here is a panoramic shot of the whole wall. Click on the image for a larger preview.

  • Inspired view…

    Inspired view…

    Wrapped up another bedroom project and this was a pretty cool one. Mimik and I did a bunch of inspirational words in the bedroom of a private residence at The One building in Jersey City. Here is the wall… Also, check out this killer view of Jersey City from the […]

  • Mr. Wonder

    Mr. Wonder

    Here’s a new one with characters by Mimik…check it out.

  • Graffiti Reality Jam

    Graffiti Reality Jam

    Here are a few pics from the Graffiti Reality Jam we went to down in Trenton. They are filming a reality show at Terracycle for the Pivot Network, and we were invited to paint alongside some other fresh writers. Check it out below. Also, here is link to pics of […]

  • Getting wild at Urban Jungle!

    Getting wild at Urban Jungle!

    Our friends at Urban Jungle invited us back for some new work recently. They are opening up a crossfit gym at their location, so Mimik and I rocked out their gate and dropped some fire in their staircase. Check it out…

  • Jump Street Skate Park

    Jump Street Skate Park

    Got down on a new wall with my Fresh Collective brothers, Chek and Mimik. Chek and I dropped pieces and Mimik came through with the characters. A big thanks to the folks at Jump Street Skate Park in Tom’s River for having us out. Check it out…

  • It’s coming…

    It’s coming…

    Stay tuned.

  • Fresh for Fall…

    Fresh for Fall…

    The crew and I recently dropped a few new pieces as the colder weather starts to roll in. Already looking forward to Art Basel in Miami! In the meantime, some new flavor from me and the boys…   Mimik for his fallen brethren… Tem, Eki, Oils, Hump and Nace, RIP.  […]

  • Pulsepoint, NYC

    Pulsepoint, NYC

    I was recently hired to paint a graffiti mural at the corporate offices of Pulsepoint, a media technology company in New York City. They are moving into a swanky new office space downtown in the Financial District and wanted some cool artwork for their employee lounge area. I brought Mimik […]

  • Farm Fest 2013

    Farm Fest 2013

    I was invited to do some live painting at Farm Fest in Vernon, NJ this past weekend. The weather stirred things up a bit, but there was still a crowd there early on and ready to have a good time. Peace, love and good vibes were definitely in the air […]

  • Monmouth Crossfit

    Monmouth Crossfit

    Dropped this little bad boy at Monmouth Crossfit in Tinton Falls this past weekend. Big thanks to Mimik for the help and Kevin for having us out. Check it out…