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  • Fresh Collective x Vicious Styles

    Fresh Collective x Vicious Styles

    Finally got a chance to put together a little collabo with the Vicious Styles gang and my fellow Fresh brethren. Defintitely a good time when we hook up with these guys! Big shout out to the VS crew. In order from left to right: Elan, Demer, Mimik, Kasso, Rain and […]

  • Aint nobody fresher than my clique…

    Aint nobody fresher than my clique…

    Some recent walls by Chek and Mimik…

  • The Fresh Experiment

    The Fresh Experiment

    Got down with Mimik at Jersey Lanes recently and dropped this little collabo. Even had a cameo from my favorite Muppet! Check it out…  

  • Fresh Collective x Art Basel 2012

    Fresh Collective x Art Basel 2012

    Here it is…our video from Art Basel is finally done. Check out Mimik, Chek and myself painting and hanging out in and around Miami last December for Art Basel. Gotta give a big shout out to everybody who made our trip feel welcome including Wies GPK, the Purvis Young Art […]

  • Crossfit Jersey City

    Crossfit Jersey City

    Fresh Collective partners Chek and Mimik rocked a wall at Crossfit Jersey City recently. Check it out…

  • Art Basel Miami 2012

    Art Basel Miami 2012

    I finally got a chance to head down to Miami for Art Basel this year with my Fresh Collective bro-skis, Mimik and Chek. After seeing all the great work being down there over the past few years, I had to go check it out for myself. I actually didn’t even […]

  • The Fiesta Continues…

    The Fiesta Continues…

    Chek, Mimik and I got down this weekend with this little production. Grab some maracas and check it out…

  • Fresh & Friends

    Fresh & Friends

    Here’s a new video from a bunch of walls from Mimik and myself over the last few weeks including a collabo with Demer and Snow of VS Crew, a Halloween zombie wall and a Jersey Strong wall done just after Hurricane Sandy…

  • The Adventures of Mimik…

    The Adventures of Mimik…

    Mimik put together a video of his recent travels promoting Fresh Collective and my personal favorite Cuban-inspried clothing line, Ropa Vieja. Check it out… Fresh Films: Mi Ropa Vieja/The Fresh Collective Tour 2012 from mimiksanjuro on Vimeo.

  • Jersey Strong!

    Jersey Strong!

    Mimik and I decided to drop a little collabo to help lift the spirits of all those effected by Hurricane Sandy. We’re facing some tough times, but are bound to bounce back. Stay Jersey Strong!

  • The Walkin’ Fresh

    The Walkin’ Fresh

    I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead for about two weeks. Haha. I caught on pretty late but have since watched every episode since then. So when Halloween season rolled around, I had to break out the zombies. Check it out… On another note, this is a memorial piece […]

  • Mimik x Garage Gym Miami

    Mimik x Garage Gym Miami

    Mimik did some work for Garage Gym Miami including this wall, tshirt design and video… Mimik x Garage Gym Miami from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.