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  • Surfs up in Manasquan!

    Surfs up in Manasquan!

    Just completed this home mural for a client in Manasquan. This kid’s loft room has a 30-foot mural with the their names and a surf/beach theme. Pretty fun project and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. As always, thanks to my Fresh Collective brothers for their assistance! Check […]

  • Garage Session…

    Garage Session…

    Here is a little something I worked up at a friend’s garage. Just having some fun and enjoying a pretty warm day in the middle of winter… And here are some progress shots…

  • Gold Rush!

    Gold Rush!

    Here’s some new work with my Fresh Collective brothers. Check out the Gold Rush with Mimik and Brainpaste… Here is a panoramic shot of the whole wall. Click on the image for a larger preview.

  • Winter is coming…

    Winter is coming…

    Just trying to get some wall time while I still can. Winter is coming and paint season is almost over. Here’s a little something I dropped today…

  • Black n’ Yellow…

    Black n’ Yellow…

    Haven’t done a yellow outline in a while but i love how it pops…

  • Agave Tex Mex Cantina

    Agave Tex Mex Cantina

    I recently had an opportunity to do a bunch of mural work for a new Mexican restaurant in Bridgwater, NJ called Agave Tex Mex Cantina. Mimik and myself worked in several areas including the exterior of the building, the dining and bar areas and even restroom signs. Now go get […]

  • Backyard Boogie

    Backyard Boogie

    It’s spring again finally after a long winter. It’s crazy that it’s May and this is my first piece of the year. Anyway, here is a little something to kick off the season…

  • Pulsepoint, NYC

    Pulsepoint, NYC

    We just wrapped up another fun wall at the offices of Pulsepoint in New York City. This is our fourth mural at their corporate headquarters!¬†Thanks (as always) to Mya for hooking it all up! Check it out…    

  • Pulsepoint, NYC

    Pulsepoint, NYC

    I went back to paint another mural at the ultra-cool offices of Pulsepoint in Lower Manhattan. Had some fun with this one, incorporating a bunch of imagery related to their office and values. Check it out…   Big shoutout to my partner in crime, Mimik, for all his help! Also, […]

  • Crossfit Peekskill

    Crossfit Peekskill

    Recently took a little road trip up the Hudson to get down at Crossfit Peekskill. Here’s what went down…

  • Urban Jungle x Elan Wonder

    Urban Jungle x Elan Wonder

    Urban Jungle x Elan Wonder from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • MadC 700 Wall

    This chick is crazy. Insane wall… 700 Wall – Finale Update from Molotow on Vimeo.