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  • WonderRadio: ¡Mayday!

    WonderRadio: ¡Mayday!

    Haven’t posted a WonderRadio video in a long ass time! Here’s some straight flavor from Miami…

  • WonderRadio: The Roots x John Varvatos

    WonderRadio: The Roots x John Varvatos

    This is why I love the Roots…one shot, one take. Nobody else in Hip Hop can pull that off…

  • Farm Fest 2013

    Farm Fest 2013

    I will be painting live at Farm Fest 2013 on Friday, August 9th. The festival goes on all weekend and has a fresh line up of not only music, but artists as well. You can check them out here or at their Facebook page, but here is a little description […]

  • WonderRadio: Original Flavor

    WonderRadio: Original Flavor

    I had to bring this one back! The beat is still fresh, and I am pretty sure this was Jay-Z first music video. Check it…

  • Back to get wreck…

    Back to get wreck…

    I did this painting a while back called “Back in the Days” where I used album covers from a bunch of old hip hop records I still had from my DJing days. I always wished I would have done a better job of making my painting interact with the album […]

  • WonderRadio: The Fugees

    WonderRadio: The Fugees

    This has to be one of my favorite Fugees songs. Classic…

  • WonderRadio: The Coup

    WonderRadio: The Coup

    This beat is still sicker than most hip hop out today…

  • WonderRadio: Goodie Mob

    WonderRadio: Goodie Mob

    Watching Cee-Lo Green perform at the Super Bowl made me think back to this classic…

  • WonderRadio: Masta Ace

    WonderRadio: Masta Ace

    Braniac, dum dums…bust the scientifical!

  • WonderRadio: Happy Holidays

    WonderRadio: Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays from Elan Wonder…

  • WonderRadio: Heavy D

    WonderRadio: Heavy D

    Rest in Peace, Heavy D…

  • WonderRadio: De La Soul

    WonderRadio: De La Soul

    Still dope…