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  • Elan x Kemos

    Elan x Kemos

    It’s been WAAAY too long since I painted with this guy…almost 10 years! Here is little reunion by myself and the brother, Kemos…

  • Layers


    Started this little experiment the other day and kinda ran out of steam on it…must be that summer heat!

  • Livin’ XXL…

    Livin’ XXL…

    Just wrapped up a big ol’ roller piece at Jersey Lanes. It’s just over 50 feet wide! Rocked out the whole building with Chek and Mimik…shout out to my Fresh Collective brothas! Here’s the whole wall…  

  • Mr. Wonder

    Mr. Wonder

    Here’s a new one with characters by Mimik…check it out.

  • Stuck in the 80s!

    Stuck in the 80s!

    Mimik and I got stuck in the 80s! Check it out…