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  • Another throwback…

    Another throwback…

    Found this in an old stack of flicks recently. Wish I had connectors of the whole wall, but it was Klas, Xide, Jnub and myself….

  • Elizabeth, NJ 1994

    Elizabeth, NJ 1994

    I was going through an old box of flicks and came across this. This used to be called the “Elizabeth Wall of Fame”. Chek, Crash and I had just started the NJ crew and this was the first wall we did together. My first wall ever! I’m all the way […]

  • Blackbook Throwback, 97-98

    Blackbook Throwback, 97-98

    I haven’t kept a traditional graffiti blackbook in years. I usually just sketch nowadays trying to evolve style, and don’t focus much on the art of using markers. Anyway, I recently found one of my old blackbooks from around 98 and thought I would post some pics. Pretty much all […]

  • Urban Jungle x Elan Wonder

    Urban Jungle x Elan Wonder

    Urban Jungle x Elan Wonder from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • WonderRadio: EPMD

    WonderRadio: EPMD
  • That was fresh…

  • 1997

  • Jersey Lanes Year One

    Jersey Lanes Year One from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • Old School: Liquid Soul

    Old School: Liquid Soul

    Here’s a throwback from the mid-90’s.

  • Old School: Elan in action…

    Old School: Elan in action…

    Found this on some website a while back. This was probably around 97/98. Shout out to Cere FA, wherever you are…

  • Work Bombing.

    Work Bombing.

    I worked at Pearl Art in NJ for about 5 years back in the day, and recently dropped by to pick up a few canvases. It hadn’t stepped inside that spot since my last day of work about 9 years ago. Anyway, as I was cruising the aisles I stopped […]

  • Elan x Chek x Skee Love?

    Back in 1996, when Fresh Collective was formerly known as Liquid Soul Designs, Chek and I were asked if a music video could be shot in front of a wall we had painted. We were pretty amped about it at the time. We found out later that the video was […]