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  • Levitt AMP Festival

    Levitt AMP Festival

    I did some live painting recently¬†for the Levitt AMP Festival in Trenton. Big thanks to the Trenton Downtown Association¬†and Leon Rainbow for the invite. Good time…check it out.

  • Jersey Fresh Jam

    Jersey Fresh Jam

    Got a chance to get down at one of my favorite graff events, Jersey Fresh Jam in Trenton. Here’s a pic of what Mimik and I put together. Big ups to Leon Rainbow, Demer, Kasso and the whole Teracycle fan for for the spot and all your hard work on […]

  • Storm The Gates

    Storm The Gates

    The “Storm the Gates” event in Trenton went down on Sunday. About a dozen artists painted roll down gates on North Broad and East State Streets in Downtown Trenton. Big thanks to Sage Coalition for having us out. Had a good time catching up with some old friends and making […]

  • Event: Storm the Gates

    Event: Storm the Gates

    I’ll be a part of the STORM THE GATES show in Trenton in a few weeks. There is an art show on Saturday, October 5th with a great line up of artists, and then we’ll be getting down with some live painting on Sunday, October 6th. Come on through for […]

  • Jersey Fresh Jam

    Jersey Fresh Jam

    I wrapped up a busy painting weekend with one of my favorite events of the year, Jersey Fresh Jam. The jam took place at Terracycle in Trenton, NJ. This is my fourth year painting at this event and it’s always a good time. Tons of dope artists and some serious […]

  • Fresh Collective @ Jersey Fresh 2010

    Fresh Collective @ Jersey Fresh 2010

    Jersey Fresh 2010 from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • Fresh Collective x Jersey Fresh Jam

    Fresh Collective x Jersey Fresh Jam

    The Fresh Collective got down at yesterday’s Jersey Fresh Jam in Trenton. Good times, good music and a bunch of good artists all came together for a pretty cool event. Thanks to Demer and Leon Rainbow for getting us down with the event. Pics below…