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  • That 80s Show!

    That 80s Show!

    Here is a throwback video from 2014 of a throwback piece with some 80’s flavor. Big shoutout to Jade for putting the video together, C-Righteous and Mimik for rockin’ the characters.

  • WonderRadio: ¡Mayday!

    WonderRadio: ¡Mayday!

    Haven’t posted a WonderRadio video in a long ass time! Here’s some straight flavor from Miami…

  • Elan Interview

    Elan Interview

    I recently interviewed for this not-so-short video with friend and photographer, Arielle Figueredo, as part of an assignment she is working on at SVA. Check it out…  

  • Sofles: Limitless

    Sofles: Limitless

    New video by Sofles and the folks at Ironlak Films. Crazy! This is actually the sequel to another dope video they did. Check it out here…

  • New Fresh videos…

    New Fresh videos…

    Check out two new videos of fellow Fresh Collective brethren, Chek and Mimik doing their thing… Mimik gets downs in the studio… In the Studio from mimiksanjuro on Vimeo.   Chek painting his custom trains…

  • Sofles Infinite

    Sofles Infinite

    This is probably one of the freshest graf videos I’ve seen in a while. Great artist, great movie…check it out! Ironlak does it again…

  • Sneak Preview

    Sneak Preview

    A friend and former student of mine asked to film me painting a few months ago for a school project. Special shout out to Stephanie Gonzalez for braving the cold and hanging out for a while. You can check out more of her work here, and check out the preview […]

  • Fresh Collective x Art Basel 2012

    Fresh Collective x Art Basel 2012

    Here it is…our video from Art Basel is finally done. Check out Mimik, Chek and myself painting and hanging out in and around Miami last December for Art Basel. Gotta give a big shout out to everybody who made our trip feel welcome including Wies GPK, the Purvis Young Art […]

  • Fresh & Friends

    Fresh & Friends

    Here’s a new video from a bunch of walls from Mimik and myself over the last few weeks including a collabo with Demer and Snow of VS Crew, a Halloween zombie wall and a Jersey Strong wall done just after Hurricane Sandy…

  • The Adventures of Mimik…

    The Adventures of Mimik…

    Mimik put together a video of his recent travels promoting Fresh Collective and my personal favorite Cuban-inspried clothing line, Ropa Vieja. Check it out… Fresh Films: Mi Ropa Vieja/The Fresh Collective Tour 2012 from mimiksanjuro on Vimeo.

  • Mimik x Garage Gym Miami

    Mimik x Garage Gym Miami

    Mimik did some work for Garage Gym Miami including this wall, tshirt design and video… Mimik x Garage Gym Miami from Elan Wonder on Vimeo.

  • Elan Wonder x Iron Arena

    Elan Wonder x Iron Arena

    I just wrapped up a wall at Iron Arena facility in Hoboken, NJ. Big shout out to Jason over there. Check out his video below, ours coming soon. Check it out…