Art Basel 2012

After watching everyone else have all the fun down in sunny Florida, painting all over for the place for Art Basel weekend, Mimik and I decided to head down to Miami and get in on the action. I hadn’t been down there in a few years and it was cool to get away from New Jersey’s frigid winter and get take a spraycation!

Our first stop was some authentic Cuban food in Hialeah. Mimik and I are both Cuban Americans…so we basically ate Cuban food for like five days straight. No croquettas left behind…haha!

After fueling up, we met up with Wies GPK who was dope enough to offer some hospitality and give us a spot at the Purvis Young Art Gallery right in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District.

Next up, we headed to Fort Lauderdale to paint at a really cool spot in the Fat Village Arts District called Rolling Stock. We were rocking this dope spot right by some freight tracks, so we were painting, benching and drinking beers all day with the fellas from GPK crew.

Our last stop was also away from all the craziness in Wynwood, but I am glad we got to see. We painted a nice long wall at Catalyst Hip Hop in Miami Springs. If someone would have told me where we were headed, I wouldn’t have believed them. Catalyst is basically a breakdance academy located in a Christian church. Crazy, right? Anyway, big thanks to Coler for the hospitality and everyone at Catalyst that stopped by to say hello. Here are some pics.

Art Basel Miami Beach is such a dope experience. Really glad we made it out to experience it at least once. Huge shout out to Wies and the whole GPK crew, everyone at the Purvis Young Gallery in Wynwood, Coler, Catalyst Hip Hop and Mama Mimik for the hospitality. Here are some random pics throughout our time there.

Here is a recap video that pretty much sums up the whole experience. Thanks for all the fun. See ya next year!!

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