Art Basel 2013

We made it back to Art Basel Miami Beach again! Mimik and I had such a good time last year, we just had to get out of Jersey and head down to sunny Florida for some good times.

Our first stop was hooking up with Wies GPK and painting at one of the same spots we painted last year, the Purvis Young Art Gallery in Wynwood. Mimik and I didn’t really plan anything out and just experimented a bit with mashing up our two styles to create some nice motion on the wall. Here is how that worked out.

The next day we did another wall at the same spot, but just down the street a bit. We rocked a typical side by side wall with me, Mimik and a few of the GPK crew.


Big thanks to Sharon from Purvis Young Art Gallery for the hospitality!

Last stop was heading back to Fort Lauderdale to rock a wall at Rolling Stock at the Fat Village Arts District. We did another mashup wall, but this time with Mimik, Wies GPK, Broke GPK and myself. And since I rocked a tire last year, I killed a little time while I waited for the slow pokes to finish and rocked another one again…haha!

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