One for the Godfather…

With the recent passing of the legendary Per FX, I realize that some of my graffiti heroes who helped inspire me and shape the writer I am today will not be here forever. So when I heard that Seen, the Godfather of Graffiti, was going through some health issues I wanted to do a drawing of his name, inspired by one of his most classic walls…the MadSeen handball court in the East Bronx.

I remember seeing this wall in the classic graffiti book, Spraycan Art and I was amazed at how the wall felt larger than life. Everything Seen did had that feeling….the wholecars, the damn Hollywood sign in California. Seen has always been a pioneer. And seeing him come to life in Style Wars was one of my favorite scenes from that movie.

In any case, here is my spin on it along with a pic of his original wall.

Seen’s original wall…

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