Too Young To Die

This is yet another drawing that I’ve been sitting in for a few years. Something I started in one of my skecthbooks that just got lost in the files. Anyway, the line “Too Young To Die” is taken from an old Jamiroquai, but it’s always made me think of the late, great Nace. I’ve always been a huge Nace fan since I first started writing and felt bad that a local writer with SO much talent was taken way too early in life where his trajectory most likely had him heading towards being not only one of the most influential writers ever but probably a very successful modern artist.

Life isn’t always fair and I guess the silver lining is that he still continues to inspire artists to this day and his influence is undeniable. This one goes out to Nace and many other writers who left us early, before the world really got to experience their full greatness. Rest in power!

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