Arts, Beats + Lyrics

I had the pleasure of showing some work recently at an event in NYC to promote the upcoming Gentleman Jack Art, Beats + Lyrics tour. The event is sponsored by Jack Daniels. Gotta give a big shout out to Yaz, Jill and the whole team at SoHo Experiential for putting on a great event. Had a chance to meet some cool people and some very talented artists. I even got busy and customized mixtapes for all the guests. Good food, good music and plenty of Jack flowing. Here’s a bit more info on Art, Beats and Lyrics:

Art Beats + Lyrics is a groundbreaking multimedia art and music exhibition highlighting urban art forms and the original themes of hip hop and other music forms. Founded by Jabari Graham and Dubelyoo in Atlanta in 2004, the vision for the concept is to expose today’s generation beyond the boundaries of traditional culture. The concept for the show was pitched to Jack Daniels and the partnership to produce one of the largest traveling urban art exhibitions was born. The show is an opportunity for attendees to experience something that they may not see on the regular, whether it’s visual arts, dance, or music.

And here are some pics…

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